First Look - Visiting Wisley Gardens

Having been stuck inside for a lot of the winter, I was itching to get out and do in the garden and the allotment. However, you get stuck with where to start and as many books as you read there is no substitute to walking round and exploring a garden that is being tended. 

With my growing love of the horticultural world I became a fully fledged member of the RHS and decided the first trip should be to the RHS flagship gardens, Wisley. I wanted to see what was being done at the start of spring, what was in season as well as taking note of things that were of interest so that I can see how they changed over the seasons. My thoughts have been especially focused on trees and climbers recently and went with a view of seeing what they were creating. 

There is something magical about a spring garden, and Wisley completely blew me away. 

This was an amazing trip, and I shall be visiting more often through the year to see how the garden evolves. 

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