Travels To Thailand; the garden observed

Thailand is a fantastically interesting place with its people having a different mindset to people in the west who sees the garden as a dualism, an outside to our inside; a safe place or extra room which belongs to use where we manage and control nature (to greater or lesser degrees). 

To the Thai, whose houses are often disassembled so that they move through outside to get from the living space to the bedrooms, and to the bathroom. They occupy nature and use it as corridors to their space. Admittedly they have the climate to support this, but there is a distinct lack of definition between inside and outside, something I think that more and more people of the West are coming to enjoy with architecture now able to use larger expanses of glass. 

I feel that the way the Thai garden, or don’t really garden will never be truly understood with its organic nature of transitioning. However it is easy to see the influence that the Western ideals are being absorbed into the Thai way of life. Gardening around hotels and in parks are far more formal with tended lawns and partitioned zones. The odd difference is noteworthy however, from the constant sprinklers at work, the lounging gardeners on a shady bench or asleep under the tree at the heat of the day… and, oh yes… the potentially lethal dragons which inhabit the same space as the humans. Something that would impress even Lionel Walter Rothschild I think. 

Learning lots from the Thia’s way of gardening has enabled me to understand fully absorbing living nature into their way of life and to focus in more, make this a study in my work.  

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