The Allotment Story

Being one of my primary photographic focuses you might have guessed I really enjoy the world of horticulture. So on top of a rather large personal project in the back garden, I have also taken on half an allotment. Through the images I am going to share all the stresses, messes and successes of my botanical allotment journey. 

When picking the plot there was quite a lot of advice on what to look for, and as I had a choice of locations I tried to way up the pros and cons of each; looking at the direction of the sun, where the wind would likely come from, where the wind breaks, the water supply and crucially what was the soil like and was it likely to be covered in grass and weeds? 

In the end I went with my gut and got the plot with two fruit trees, quite close to water, away from the busy main road, but not to far from parking. The main compromise was it had a lot of weeds. 

As part of another little project I am undertaking I have chosen a camera phone to be the main way of photographing the allotment experience. Rather than to continue to dismiss this tool, I would like to spend the next year learning more about how to use this camera to document the world. In future posts I hope to share effective ways of making images using the phone, and how to build a visual story. 

I hope you like the images.  

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