In Perfect Harmony

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Pictures and words have always worked in unison, from the very early books we read as children, to the newspapers and magazines that influence us now. If you look at the front page of any newspaper, the lead story is usually one powerful image, supported by just a few lines of text. The picture grabs our attention, whilst the text briefly tells us the context of the story, encouraging us to delve further. The expertise of the editorial team knows exactly how to entice us in and keep us in the moment. 

But the rapid rise of social media has given us all the power to communicate through pictures and words on a very big scale. We can all be the writer and the picture editor to raise our business profile through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. But how can we be sure we’re getting it right? As a follow up to my blog, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, here’s how to effectively support the images you use on social media with text. 

Make an impact 

Let’s take the newspaper headline story as an example. A striking image will immediately capture the reader’s attention, creating an instant impact in a matter of seconds. Thoughts and opinions are created right from the very first glance. Adding text below the image strengthens this message further, as it gives a narrative and provides direction. But it’s important to create the right balance, as too much text will distract attention away from the picture, lessening the impact. 

Get creative  


Having said that, the amount of text can vary depending on what and how you are communicating and using the two together allows you to be a little creative. Twitter has a maximum limit of 140 characters per post which is reduced if a picture is used. Digital Dragons who created the post above just needed a little extra space, so has cleverly integrated the text with the image which really connects the two.  

Instagram lets the picture do the talking and enables viewers to form their own opinions, but adding a little supporting text allows you to be more abstract in what you post. The picture creates the impact and the text gives it meaning. The industrial world I work in gives me so many opportunities to get up close and capture beautifully abstract images of machinery; a simple hashtag can give a story to the picture. 

So have some fun, get creative and show the personality of your business through the imagery you use. Inform your target audience with just the right amount of text that will support your picture without drowning it and here you have a powerful business message. 

How to use text and images to communicate your brand message 

  • Think about the style of both the text and the image - do they fit together? They must be in harmony for your message to be conveyed effectively. 
  • The image should support the text and give it context. Is there a strong narrative that needs a little explaining or would a one-liner do? 
  • Generally speaking, using images means less text is required, so don’t overcomplicate by saying too much. Give yourself a Twitter length limit and keep your audience interested.  


For more ideas on how to work with pictures and text please get in touch.




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