Fighting the good fight at the Allotment

First for the soil. 

After we had dug out the majority of the weeds we planted potatoes as this would help break up the earth. Not that the earth was that bad. You can tell that at maybe not the previous people but the ones before it knew the value of soil, or just did a decent crop rotation so that the soil became what it is. 

 It is now full of weeds, and it’s really difficult to keep on top of them and I have just taken to hoeing the tops of them off. I was determined to work the plot without spraying or pelleting but so far it has been hard and I think I am going to have to just to get it under control. We have put some more membrane down around the apple trees and also working on our walkways using planks of wood and bark-chippings to stop them coming though on the paths. 

Ok, onto the actual crops. 

 Artichokes, Artichokes and lots more Artichokes 

Being that we did not plant any artichokes it is a bit of a surprise that we have a almost a quarter of the plot full of them. These Jerusalem artichokes are a bit annoying as they are where the compost heap is meant to be. We are still throwing our compost to that side of the site and we think it is “in the bin” but will find out after the artichokes flower. Then near the apple trees we have some globe artichokes, they seem to be prolific and easy to grow. Trouble is I have no idea what to do with them, when to harvest them. I have tried cooking the heads but there does not seem to be a heart to it at all. This does requires more research but at the moment it is not my chief concern. 

In other news the peas have been destroyed, the beans are looking limp and deceased, and I am now officially brassica war both on pigeons and on Cabbage White butterflies who have taken shifts at decimating our crop. This is ok, we are learning and we will be better prepared for next year. 

Sounds like a lot of work, but as we go once a week from between one to three hours I think it is doing really well and I am loving that every time we go it changes ever so much and is looking after itself. 

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Until next time…      

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