Replicating what the eye sees

Every photographer has their own individual style; we are all influenced but what we’ve learnt, the photography heroes who have inspired us and the visual world that we are surrounded by. I’ve shared some of my influences in previous blogs and this month I’m going to talk further about my style and how I apply it to my work.

Focussing on the subject 

My method is simple and clean; I like to replicate what the eye sees with only a small proportion of the image in focus. The main subject is isolated, as with our vision, so that it clearly stands out from the contrasting haze that surrounds it. Using a narrower depth of field creates a distinct separation between the subject and the background. The composition is made up of strong defined shapes with leading lines and bold colours, creating a striking and impactful image. I aim to eliminate complexity so that the visual scene is pleasing to the eye. This works incredibly well in commercial photography as there is no confusion in what is being portrayed. It also gives my clients space within the frame to add text.  


One style - many forms 

This style suits many forms of photography ranging from portraiture to lifestyle. If you look at these three image sets, despite having contrasting subjects, the style remains the same. Whether I am shooting a worker in action, a heavy machine, or a delicate flower, I use the same process to clearly define the main subject. Following on from last month’s blog, Karl Blossfeldt took this method to the extreme, intensely magnifying his subjects with absolutely no background at all 

Technology today 

Our generation is very lucky with the advancements in modern technology which have enabled so much freedom in how we photograph. The digital camera allows us to experiment whilst we shoot, giving us the opportunity for instant correction to really nail that perfect shot. We have faster lenses to create brighter images when the lighting is poor, making photography lightweight and mobile.
I like to see my camera as an extension of our vision, with the ability to capture a scene as if it was being viewed by the naked eye. This has been made possible by my learnings, my influences and the clever use of modern technology, to give my clients a set of images that are a true representation of their brand. 

If you want to learn more on how my style can work for you and your brand please get in touch.




Until next time…      

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