1. Fighting the good fight at the Allotment

    15 Jul 2017
    First for the soil.  After we had dug out the majority of the weeds we planted potatoes as this would help break up the earth. Not that the earth was that bad. You can tell that at maybe not the previous people but the ones before it knew the value…

  2. Travels To Thailand; the garden observed

    17 Jun 2017
    Thailand is a fantastically interesting place with its people having a different mindset to people in the west who sees the garden as a dualism, an outside to our inside; a safe place or extra room which belongs to use where we manage and control nature (to greater or lesser…

  3. First Look - Visiting Wisley Gardens

    15 Apr 2017
    Having been stuck inside for a lot of the winter, I was itching to get out and do in the garden and the allotment. However, you get stuck with where to start and as many books as you read there is no substitute to walking round and exploring a garden…

  4. The Allotment Story

    15 Feb 2017
    Being one of my primary photographic focuses you might have guessed I really enjoy the world of horticulture. So on top of a rather large personal project in the back garden, I have also taken on half an allotment. Through the images I am going to share all the stresses,…

  5. Replicating what the eye sees

    01 Nov 2016
    Every photographer has their own individual style; we are all influenced but what we’ve learnt, the photography heroes who have inspired us and the visual world that we are surrounded by. I’ve shared some of my influences in previous blogs and this month I’m going to talk further about my…

  6. The mechanics of the natural world

    22 Aug 2016
    Karl Blossfeldt transformed a delicate natural living organism into something industrial and mechanical. It’s time to talk about another of my photography heroes, someone who has inspired me greatly, and whilst the sun is shining and summer is in full swing, it seems a timely moment to look at the

  7. Stepping outside

    07 Jul 2016
    Photographing industries across the board, from steel manufacturers to artisan workshops is in my blood, it’s where I feel incredibly at home. But at this time of year I like to get outside as it’s hard not to be taken in by the beauty of the natural world.  Photographing flora…

  8. It’s show time!

    26 May 2016
    I love this time of year. Over the past few weeks I’ve been out and about ‘networking’ at many of the industry shows meeting some truly inspirational people and enjoying many memorable experiences along the way. I feel energised yet exhausted!  From The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham…

  9. In Perfect Harmony

    25 Apr 2016
    Shot for Solodiesel, a company who produces petrol caps for diesel cars Image created for Solodiesel Pictures and words have always worked in unison, from the very early books we read as children, to the newspapers and magazines that influence us now. If you look at the front page of…

  10. Through the keyhole of your company

    24 Mar 2016
    One of the key elements in any marketing strategy is, of course, promotion to gain new business. But there is now a growing demand for companies to not only make themselves look good to potential clients, but also to impress prospective recruits. Job satisfaction and personal development are basic requests…

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