Bringing industry to life through the power of photography

Nothing makes me happier than taking my camera to a factory, construction site or engineering works. I am drawn to the continuous movement and repeating processes of the machinery, working behind the scenes to capture a change in light or human interaction that will lead me to the perfect shot. My creative eye, practical mind and technical knowledge enable me to explore complex environments and bring industrial scenes to life. 

“Charlotte’s enthusiasm for the given environment in which she is documenting is infectious leading you to suddenly start viewing the subject in a whole new light. She is able to draw upon her wealth of creative and technical skills and deliver these in a very professional manner. She made and executed suggestions based on her own skills, providing us with additional images that we had not considered.” 

Ben Marston - Marketing and Communications, Tring Brewery

Capturing people at work 

My natural ability to make people feel comfortable and relaxed allows me to capture real images of professionals at work, uncovering their personality through the pictures I take. I visually tell a story and portray working lifestyles using a fresh approach to commercial photography. The way in which people represent their brand reflects how they resonate with their clients. 

“Charlotte took some fabulous photographs at our product launch event which have been used on the company website and in our brochure. The images were high quality and well composed, exactly what we were looking for.” 

Roberta Spain -Communications Executive, Advance Group 

The industrial world 

I live just outside North West London and my work has taken me to metal and engineering works, textile factories, construction sites, breweries, distilleries and commercial farms. I work quickly, calmly and imaginatively. I spend time with my clients to fully engage with their industry, understand the brief and apply my creativity and technical knowledge to produce powerful and energetic images. 

“Charlotte has a ‘can-do’ attitude. She is punctual, professional and has a good eye. The photos were excellent as was her conduct on the day since not everyone enjoys having their picture taken. I have no reason to doubt her honesty or her integrity and therefore I thoroughly recommend her.” 

 Professor Steven Bishop, UCL Department Of Mathematics   

The natural world 

I have a passionate interest in the horticultural world as it takes me right back to my roots. I learnt and developed many of my photographic skills taking pictures of the gardens of almost everyone I knew, as well as a subsequent work placement at Kew Gardens. Capturing the process from seed to sheer beauty of nature, combined with the skills of the workforce interacting with science and the natural world, simply drew me in. During the summer months you’ll find me outside in plant nurseries and commercial farms, bringing both the natural and the mechanical world to life.